What is Teer Game and Its History?

In its simplest form we can say its a archery game with some traditions. The teer means arrow and its a bow-arrow game. In ancient time this was the only best option to which humans used to protect themselves from wild animals. Now in today’s world it is transformed into a fun game activity.

What is Teer Game?

The teer game is mainly popular in north-east of India. Shillong is the largest hub for this game event. We are calling this game an event in fact its not like an event. Because event happens in some time. But this game is played every day in this area. Hence the results are declared each day. People are crazy to know the today’s Shillong teer result for both rounds. I must tell you that the game is divided into two rounds 1st round and 2nd round. Both of these round are played in an 1 hour gap in Shilling.

History of Teer Game

The next place which you can say second famous for this archery sport is Khanapara (Guwahati). There are also two round played similarly. But they have almost 1/2 hours of gap in them. The judgments are declared in teer counters and teer clubs and also online. Since it is convenient to check Khanapara teer result on the Internet, people choose it first. Because you can check the results as soon as they are announced.

History of Teer Game

The history is also interesting of this game. As I have told you already that this was not a game in ancient time. This was the main survival skill that tribal people used for protection and food. They were depended on the teer skills for their essentials in India. At that time the technology was not much developed and humans are still in development stage. This archery is the best invention for mankind. It is mainly use for getting food in Jungles and feed the family.

Later on as humans race evolved we tend to build cities and the teer is no more need for survival. So the skills of teer players are decreasing drastically. Then the higher spirits in the society made this this as a tradition in form of game. By organizing some playing events based on this teer game we can preserve our tradition. What an amazing idea by our ancestors

So this was the brief about what actually teer game and its importance in India. We hope you like it. If you have further more information that you would like to share then please comment below. Thanks

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