Story of A Boy Who Becomes Rich While Playing Teer Game

Its a story of a simple boy. A boy with many dreams in his eyes. The beginning and ending of his dream starts from getting rich in no time. He wanted to become richest man of his town. I would not mention his name here, lets call him dreamer boy. This boy is some what different from others. He is passionate and hard-working in everything he do. He is passionate in archery sport and used to play in Indian teer games.

Teer Game Story

One fine day his friend introduced him a archery game which is played in Shillong, Khanapara, Juwai, Manipur, etc. The dreamer boy got the interest in this game like he was born to play this. Anyone don’t know what happened to this little boy. He was caught by a fever of playing teer game and its never ending as we know.

He tried his full efforts to play this game on daily basis. Everyday he take money from his mother to buy the tickets and participate in this game. He was hoping some day he will win the gold medal. But life is not as we think. He lost almost all the savings of his parents for this game. His father is an auto-rickshaw driver and mother is an house-wife.

Teer PassionHere we see he can live his whole life like this. Or he can choose other options. Its up-to him, we can’t judge what is right and what is wrong. He says I totally depend on my dreams. I sleep early in night and have a deep and good sleep. In morning I recall the dream i had last night. And based on the teer dream number, I choose my playing number. Mostly god is with my side and he tells me what to do. I just follow him and living my life this way.

Despite of being educated and talented he was only wanted to play archery game. Many of his friends suggest him to quit this game focus on in career building in something else. But he ignored everyone. Now when the time is passed he is still playing this teer game and some he wins and some times he loose.

What do you guys think? Is there any much better option to look for? If you have some thoughts and advice on this please tell us below in comments. So many young boys may need it. Daily thousands of people play this archery game from many states in India. We have updated list for your easy access. You can check all the previous and current results data from the links given below. Do check them and take better idea of the game before you play.

This is the motivational story for all the payers who are like this boy. By reading this story you will gain your kick start in teer game. We hope you liked the story of this young boy. We will bring more such interesting things in future too. So save our website in your phone. Thanks so much.

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