Teer Common Number Today for Khanapara & Shillong Teer Hit Number (House, Ending)

Welcome to Teer Common Number page. Know the best hit numbers for Shillong, Juwai,, Khanapara and Manipur. Get early details for teer house ending number for each khela.

We have latest and daily updated teer common numbers for Assam, Guwahati and Meghalaya. You can check direct, House and Ending numbers here. The collective numbers which are chosen by several people are known as the archery common no. (and hit number) in the teer game.

Teer Common Number

Shillong Teer Common Number Today & Shillong Teer Hit Number

Shillong Teer Common NumberThe teer of Meghalaya is organizing this archery game in Shillong. And as we know, people are crazy for this. There are daily frequent repeated number (Direct, House and Ending) chosen by many participants in a given day. If you want to know the today’s Shillong teer result with fastest speed then we also provide that. Here we will see the latest Shillong teer hit number today which is also known as Shillong common number. Do check it daily.

Shillong Teer House Ending Number – for (Shillong Hitt Number Today)

In simple words these common numbers contains the most widespread number of tickets for today’s teer. The given figures are dynamic and hence it can change anytime. Therefore you should update yourself with the latest common digits for better play. Check the Shillong teer house ending number of today:

Shillong Teer Hit Number
Shillong Hit Number
  Shillong Teer common Number | 15-Jan-2020
Direct House Ending
Hit →72,06,6767

Khanapara Teer Common Number Today

Khanapara Teer Common Number TodayThe Assam & Khanapara common numbers are quite simple to understand. These are the public numbers which are chosen by many archery players of Guwahati. Moreover, these general figures are updated each day for Khana para khela.  So check the new figures here on regular basis to achieve desired Khanapara teer results for your game. The numbers which is chosen by more and more people becomes common numerals.

Khanapara Teer House Ending  Number – (Hit No. Today)

The direct, house and ending number are presented below for your consideration. These are the frequently repeated choice of figures for many people of Guwahati teer. Therefore khanapara teer hit number keep on changing each day. Same thing goes for Guwahati (Assam). Before you go and participate in the game, you should check these Khanapara teer house ending number here.

  Khanapara Teer common Number | 17-Jan-2020
Direct House Ending
Hit →31,60,7070

Juwai Archery Common Number

Juwai Collective NumbersSimilar to any other state the Juwai common number is also crucial for its game. We have seen the performance of juwai archery players in India. It is always remarkable. Now let’s focus on Juwai’s traditional figures for each day.

Juwai Teer House Ending  Number Today

Now check the most demanded and repeated numerals for juwai khela. Although we are maintaining highest accuracy in providing these figures but we can’t guarantee your performance for Juwai teer results. You have to use your mind also while participating in the game. See Juwai teer house ending number of today here.

  Juwai Teer common Number | 17-Jan-2020
Direct House Ending
Hit →95,96,0606

Manipur General Figures

This state organizes the teer game each day including Sundays and holidays. There its common numbers are also updated each and every day. Manipur teer mainly operates in the evening time (from 4pm to 6pm). You can check these popular numbers here.

  Manipur Teer common Number | 15-Jan-2020
Direct House Ending

The Importance of Teer Collective Numbers

To play the archery game with best potential the importance of the Khanapara Shillong teer common numbers can not be neglected. The more you study both individual numbers and collective numbers the better you understand. So keep your eyes on these nos. so that you can play better than your competitor. Still you can mention anything that you want to share with us in below comment section. You’re most welcome to give your valuable suggestion if you have any.

Hence also check these results for more better view of the archery khela in India. However these numbers are well presented with best available accuracy. Still if you are feeling some doubt, then you should confirm it with your local teer booth. Else you can contact the various teer clubs for knowing the latest common digits for your play.

Some people misunderstand archery common figures with the dream numbers. Let me clarify you that the teer dream numbers are completely different set of numerals. Don’t compare it with any other ones. The dream figures are much more associated with Shillong morning teer much more than day-time teer

Know These Popular Numbers Daily

The role of these numbers are so important that we can not ignore them. They are loved by many people and experts of the whole archery in India. You can’t play well if are not aware of the house and ending common nos. of the archery game. Professional players always keep themselves updated about the shared numbers for each khela (Khanapara and Shillong).

They play accordingly and build their strategy on basis of this. Especially those who are taking participation in the teer game. The value of the collective numbers can be identified by such person only. You also need to understand more such things in this teer khela of India.


In the end we can say that the value of the teer common number is quite important. That’s why the Shillong teer hit number is famous in Meghalaya. Similar concept goes for Khanapara and Juwai states of India. All these common figures are calculated by several numeral systems and different people have different process of calculation.

These are not the official common numbers that you should keep in mind. At last but not the least, you can’t ignore these no.s for any reason. If you are participating in any state then you should see the corresponding figure before you step in.

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