Shillong Teer Hit Number – Check The Shillong Teer Result Today with Counter Hitt No. Target

People who are finding the Shillong teer result of today are most welcome here. Here we presents you the latest Shillong teer hit number for current date teer counter’s conclusion no. for Shillong, Meghalaya.

We strive our maximum efforts to update the newest results here. These teer final judgments are daily updated here. So it will be better to bookmark our website (by Ctrl + D) to make sure you can come again easily. The Shillong khela has a wonderful traditional archery game organized by dedicated team members of Meghalaya.
There are daily events for this game two times a day. That’s called FR (First Round) and SR (Second Round) respectively.

( 17-01-2020 )

Shillong Teer Result

F/R (3:45 PM)S/R (4:40 PM)

We have cover details of these teer result of Shillong and also the hitt number, teer target, teer counter for your consideration. We have seen people are looking for the 99% sure hit number, but the exact figures are released on the time of conclusion. Now without spending much time let’s get directly to the today’s Shillong hit figures.

Get Shillong Teer Hit Number for Today

The Shillong teer judgments of today are not different from the hit number. Sometime people also refer it as Shillong hit number. The words are actually telling their meanings.

Shillong Teer Hit Number
Shillong Hit Number

In this archery khela, the hitt number is the numerical value which is knows as the final conclusion. People of Meghalaya have deep interest in this teer game from ages. In fact, it is more than just a game for many people. Mostly the target number are loved by many archery players.

Whether you are just watching the game or going to participate, this will remain enticing as always. That’s why the Shillong teer hit number will always be in demand. And it should be. Have you checked todays hitt number of Shillong for your turn?

Shillong Teer Counter Hit Number

Shillong Teer Counter Hit Number
Shillong Teer Counter

Let us clarify something regarding choosing the right counter for knowing Shillong number outcome. There are numerous counter spread across the Shillong city. But which one you should choose for your engagement in the khela is the common question.

To answer this, we can advise you to only select the Shillong teer counter hit number which is run by Govt. of Meghalaya. These teer booth should also have your trust and they are ready to provide support in future if needed.

You can ask them any queries if you have and the representative at the teer counter of Shillong will solve that. Its up-to you whether you want to check the teer hitt number (99) online or offline. When in the case you don’t have access to internet, you can always see Shillong teer counter result number by going there. You teer target should be very clear to you. Because you will get one chance to show your capabilities. Use it wisely.

Shillong Teer Result Today Number

Here are the Today’s outcome for Shillong teer khela FR/SR. Remember this data is bound to update daily, so if you are seeing old info then better to wait for some little time. Although we update the results here in within few minutes. The Shillong teer result comes under Govt. and it is operated in their official staff in Meghalaya.

See Shillong Teer Results Today

If you are not able to see latest archery outcomes of Shillong, then you should wait for a moment and refresh the page. For more accuracy of Shillong teer hit number you can verify with the teer counter near to you. And you should do it when you see the final archery numerals for today’s game.

DateF/R (3:45 PM)S/R (4:40 PM)

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Note: The estimated time for new updated teer results are 5-10 minutes of result declaration time. If you see older conclusions: save this website page in your mobile and come again later for more updated data. Else do a full page reload so that all the new data will be displayed.

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Get The Shillong Teer Target Number

Teer of Shillong, Meghalaya

We have to find the target number daily for increasing the chances of our success in this game. The Shillong teer target and its direct with house number are well detailed in another page. These teer targets are being daily changed with the final tir decision accordingly. Therefore, if anyone is looking for the teer of Shillong target should follow the link given below of the page.

However we can’t assure the future targets. Even no one can tell the exact Shillong teer result for today, tomorrow or any-day. It will all depend how the players going to perform in the game event. The only way to improve the performance of the Shillong hit number for today is hard-work. The more you dedicate yourself towards the game the more better you will score.

The Shillong Teer 100 FR & SR are searched and asked by many users. Mostly the people who are looking for the final teer judgments online are curious for the 100 FR of shillong khela. Try to put 100% of your efforts rest will be fine.


In the end, now when you understand the various concepts of this game. The Shillong teer result which is provided for today hitt number will be more worthy. By doing enough practice before the game starts, you can be 99% sure about your performance. We hope that you will got some information about this archery game in India. Therefore now there should not be any confusion regarding Shillong teer hit number for today. These nos. are the strike figures on the provided target. Our wishes are always with you and may god you see success soon. Thanks.

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