How To Participate and Play for Teer Game in India

Do you want to participate in archery game played in Shillong in India? Then here we are discussing about it. We will see the proper process by which you can participate in this game. The teer Shillong takes place in Meghalaya, India and it is quite famous. This sport is featured in news several times. And those who are looking to gain fame in this game are most welcome by the teer association. But you have to comply with some given set of regulations.

Today we are here to understand how you can participate in this khela. So if you want to be a part this awesome game then follow the given tips to get selected.

Participate and Play for Teer Game

Must Be Resident of India (Meghalaya)

The first point which govt. Of Meghalaya is stressing upon is that you should be a local resident. Means any person who lives outside of Meghalaya is not allowed to play archery sport. It may look a little annoying to the people who are living in nearby region. But it is what it is. This is the rule set by the teer association and hence you must follow it.

You Should Be Mature Enough

Another thing to consider is that they allow only mature person for this game. And according to me this is right. A kid or teenager are not meant for this game. The archery sport is for the person who is much more sensible and responsible than young people.

It’s a game which is played with responsibility. Since the teer can hit anyone and make the game go in other direction. Therefore the association tends to choose only mature and well behaved applicants.

You Must Pass Entrance Test

To become a professional archery player of Shillong. You should pass the exam or you can say test conducted by the teer club. These are smaller sections of the association. These clubs are kind of team and group of teams distributed across a tribe.

There are several tribes in north-east of India. The teer club has its own set of tribes which can take part in the game. The teer club first examine and select the archery player and choose for their team.

Get Ticket from Genuine Authorized Counter

There are several genuine and authorized teer booths available in the whole city. You should purchase tickets only from these. Stay away from any other person or shop. You can visit the official teer office and gather the list of verified teer booths in your area.

Moreover you can ask the ticket seller to show their copy of license. In most of the cases they have displayed their licence on the wall to prove their authenticity.

Must Have A Valid Photo I-Card

Last but not the least, when going to play the teer game. You should carry a valid photo- I card issued by the govt. This step is as important as the previous ones. Without the I-card, you will not get the entry in this game. So don’t forget to bring that.

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