Maintain Your Teer Equipment Properly And Become A Better Player

Your arrows and their tools are most important to you. And why not, this is the thing which helps you to be a better player. Therefor maintaining them in perfect condition is essential for every professional player. By taking care of the archery’s equipment we ensure that we will get best performance all the time. So today we are going to discover the tips to maintain our teer products properly.

Proper Cleaning Steps

Sounds simple? Yes it is. When you have used your archery gear in any match, you should perform a proper cleaning. It looks basic but this thing is the most essential for your teer equipment. Sometimes the teer products look not much dirty. But still that requires cleaning even it is little dirty.

Maintain teer equipment


First clear your archery’s bow, arrow, container, etc. with a dry cloth and cleaning brush. Remove all the dirt.


Remove holding grip rubber. Your bow will have rubber of string of cloth at the holding area. Remove it and then start cleaning.


Take a cotton cloth and moist or half wet it. Just put that cloth in clear water and then twist the cloth to remove excess water.


Now using this cloth thoroughly clean all the equipment’s. Remove all the dirt and dust. Focus on removing oiliness of the hands too.


Now it time to clean grip rubbers. You can simply wash them with any cleaner that you use to clean domestic good.

Let them dry and then give you bow and arrows a little message. That’s it.

Fine Tune Archery Equipment

After cleaning the archery products and accessories you should fine tune your bow and arrows. Take your bow and check its angle of bend. Is it in right curve? If not then you should correct it according to user manual. Then check the scope’s accuracy. Adjust that if needed. You should have the bow-tuner for perfect fine tuning of your bow.

Now after that start tuning the arrows. Carefully look at the straightness of the arrows one by one. If you see any bends then correct it using bend corrector. Also make sure that each arrow is smooth and shiny. A smooth arrow goes fast and straight to the target

At last check the metallic hit-string. This string is another important piece of archery products. In normal conditions the string is durable and lasts quite long. But if you see any physical damage or dropped elasticity then you should replace it.

Use a Bag/Box for Storing Your Equipment

When not in use, all the archery products should be stored in its special container or bag. Some people do this mistake and hang their bow and arrows in drawing room. They use them as show piece for increasing the looks of the room. But mind you that this is a big mistake.

You should use a proper bag or specialized box for storing the archery gear. We prefer the bag more than any box. Because the bag is more convenient than anything. The bag doubles up as storage and as carry bag. So what’s your choice? Choose wisely.


Although, the maintenance tips shared here will look basic for some of you. But mind you that these are the most important things that you should be take care of. Doesn’t matter if you have compound bow or traditional bow. So if you were ignoring these things in past then you should be start doing them from today.

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