Khanapara Teer Result Today | Check Latest Guwahati Teer Result Number

Hello friends, are you looking for latest Khanapara teer result that is covered in Assam, Guwahati?.

Here we provide all teer game final numbers on daily basis. Many people and players who are involved in this Ghy teer game wants to know the outcome everyday. Here you will know what is latest Khanapara, Guwahati Teer Result number for today. We also have all information regarding teer results for your further requirements.
You can easily find any current and past results data for whole Assam of India (Guwahati and Khana para city) here. We update everyday latest teer conclusions for first round (F/R) and second round (S/R). For those who want to check shillong teer result can follow the link to see its latest results.

khanapara teer

The older results link are also given online here in combined to latest ones. This results are also called as hit number or sometimes hitt number.

Latest – Khanapara Teer Result


F/R (3:50 PM)S/R (4:35 PM)
 87  67 

Also Check Old Results

All the previous results of Khanapara archery game with dates are mentioned here.  Moreover, you can freely see all other details like the previous result, target number, common number and dream number and so on. More details about Khanapara, Guwahati teer counter and formula are given below, see that also.

Khanapara Teer Result Formula

Take yesterday’s data: for example in Ghy teer, the 1st round result was 72 and 2nd round result was 15.

  • Step-1: Take first digit of 1st round = 7
  • Step-2: Take last digit of 2nd round = 5
  • Step-3: Now do addition of both (7+5) = 12
  • Step-4: Do addition (1+2) = 3 <- This is first Number
  • Step-5: Take last digit from 1st round = 2
  • Step-6: Take first digit of 2nd round = 1
  • Step-7: Now do addition of both (2+1) = 3 <- This is first Number
  • Step-8: So Now 33 is the target number

Finding Dream Numbers

Last night what dream you have can help you in winning the Guwahati teer khela. There are some numbers which you can trust according to your dream. The seller of teer counter will help you selecting the teer dream number according to your yesterday’s dream. People believe that its may be way for understanding and choosing the right figure for better luck.

Over To You

We don’t provide any kind of such information. In fact we want to aware you that you should maintain a distance from wrong information. Here we have provided latest Khanapara teer result for today’s date.

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Rest is you know, have a faith on god and one day who knows you may will win the game. Best of Luck!

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