Juwai Teer Result Today with All The Juwai Teer Previous Result List

Hi everyone, you can check Juwai teer result for today 23-08-2021 here. We also provide all the past data of the judgments of Juwai archery game in India.

Updated on: 2021-03-26 21:06:46

FR (02:15PM)SR (03:00PM)
27 81
We update this result list within few seconds after the judgment announcement. In addition to today’s archery conclusions, we have the complete list of Juwai teer previous result below. It’s our priority to provide you as much as accurate information as we can. You can freely spend your time here and get the data you need.

Juwai Teer Result Today – (23-08-2021)

The latest result is shown in below table. This results are for today’s date and tomorrow we will post new one as soon as they release.

Juwai Teer Result

Check Old Previous Result List Here:



If you want to participate in this juwai archery khela then this can be life changing numbers for you. You should bookmark this page for getting daily dose of teer outcome for Juwai teer in India. Below you can find a link to checking all old results. Follow it and you will see complete table of previous Juwai outcomes.

The Importance of Juwai Teer Outcomes in India

This city is the heart of Meghalaya and it is developing each and every day. The teer game is well played across many states and cities in India. Lots of players are involved in this game with their full dedication. The archery players are spread across the city.

People are passionate for the Juwai teer no matter what the age is. Therefore the need of getting Juwai teer result info is also quite demanding. And as always we are here to fulfill that requirement. In Addition to this state, we are also covering more places. Take look at these also for more results of this khela.

Juwai Teer Counter

As you may know that in the Juwai city we have many teer counters spread across the downtown. But we want to put our focus only on the counters that are run by govt. officials. Always chose these counters for getting your tickets of teer game. Never trust any other outsider person or organization. That is our recommendation to get hassel-free participation in the game. Always follow the guidelines provided by the official juwai teer counter.

Juwai Teer Previous Result List

Are you are looking for the juwai teer first round and second round full data-sheets? Yes we are providing complete older data-sheet of this game with both round of information to our users. You should observe the past data carefully to find any pattern which is coming to your mind. You need to have experience to find the relations between the player’s performance with the past records. But at least you can know the game better after observing this information.

It is the most anticipated game played in India. And do you know why this game is so famous in north-east India? It is due to the timing the game is held on. This sport is played before many others from neighboring states. So people take its score as reference for the next games in nearby cities. However that is not a assurance of any kind but they are believing it from a long time.

Complete List of Juwai Teer Previous Results

This is the one major reason people are looking for Juwai old results and past judgments. You can compare the provided game’s data and analyze that where is any repeating patterns. If you can find then you know what you can do next. So why not to analyze the old list’s numbers and find some interesting information. Check all older result chart (in descending order) for Juwai here:

Juwai Teer Previous Result List

Improving Performance

For those who wants to improve their overall performance in Juwai teer counter khela, they can do several things. People also want to check it in their regional language as জুয়াই তীর রেজাল্ট on the Internet. Maintaining your archery equipment for this day is the first and most crucial factor. I have written a complete guide on how to improve your performance in archery game. You can check it in Juwai’s blog section.

Further it will also depend on many more factors. Like weather, striker arrow quality, position of sitting and so on. You should follow all the instruction that is mentioned.


Moreover, we are also involved in the latest Juwai teer result for today 23-August-2021 and each previous date. At last we can say play this game with true heart and good intentions. Think of doing all good things after your victory and who know you may get success this day itself.

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