Jowai Ladrymbai Teer Result Today – Get The Fastest Jowai Teer Results

Hello beautiful people, what’s up. Check the latest Jowai Ladrymbai teer result for today here. We are the most sincere providers of archery outcomes. It is based in Jaintia Hills district of Meghalaya. This place is like a heaven on the earth. Playing teer here is more than culture for the people living here.

Jowai Ladrymbai Teer Result for Today

In the Meghalaya state there are basically three teer games are played. First is the top most famous game is known as Shillong teer khela. The second is also well established and popular which is operated in Guwahati named: Khanapara teer. And the last but not the least is this Jowai teer result. You can get all the respective teer final conclusion numbers here of each day.

Updated on: 2021-05-29 09:21:44


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The Value of Jowai and Ladrymbai Teer in India

Jowai Ladrymbai Teer Result

The importance of this state can’t be neglected in the whole Indian archery. This part of the archery is the biggest part of the whole archery played in India. As we all know that the Meghalaya is the region which is the sole foundation of all the teer games. There are hundreds to thousands of archery players shows their skills in this state. There the value of the Jowai teer is not compare-able to any other teer of India.

Jowai Teer Result Today

The game held at evening time and the final results are declared between 4:00 -4:30 pm. There are two rounds in this game like any other teer khela. First is Jowai and second is Ladrymbai. You can check the daily Jowai Ladrymbai teer result on this page. However there can be some delay for updating the judgment numbers due to availability. So keep patience and reload the page to see updated data.

Jowai Ladrymbai Teer Counter

The counter of Jowai and Ladrymbai are spread across the city. You can use any nearby teer counter to get your participation tickets. These are comes under the supervision of govt and they are well operated too. The recognized counter will help you in your queries and provide you latest teer result information for Jowai-Ladrymbai. Alternatively you can check the final judgments at online also.

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Jowai Teer Target

Similar to all the teer games of other states, this also have significant value of target figures. Before directly going and participating in teer game, you should do your research. Know the target number so that you can drive your play accordingly.


Meghalaya is a wonderful place where the archery game is played from ages. It is based in Jantai hills region of India ( know more ). The people of this city are in love with the archery game since its beginning. Daily the Jowai Ladrymbai teer result is announced on the teer counters. But as the technology is growing, people now prefers to check the final archery results online. So you can get all the details regarding teer game here that you ever need.