5 Tips To Improve Your Accuracy in Archery (For NorthEast Teer Game)

Improve your accuracy and overall performance in the archery game. Follow the given tips to dramatically improve your score in the teer khela. If you want to be among the top players then you should start working on yourself. Improve each and every possible bit in your archery profession. So without wasting further more time, let’s start.

Improve Archery Accuracy

Find a Mentor

Which player of archery you love the most; You have to find a single player which you think is the best. Get inspired and start following that professional archery player. Carefully observe your inspiration. See what he is doing in everyday life. How he do maintain himself for the game. If possible ask him to provide you a proper mentor-ship. Some pro players in Shillong teer khela result already doing this as per our knowledge. The chances are 50-50 weather he will agree or not. But at-least there is nothing to lose if you ask. If he says yes then that will be like dream come true.

To become a leader, follow a leader

Use Perfect Gear

Never compromise with basic archery gear. For making good impact you will need proper archery products. If you say that they are expensive and you can’t afford them. Then I would say that its fine if you start with basic archery set. But as you grow in your game start upgrading your equipment accordingly. Means, then you should not purchase the top most model at higher cost. Instead you should opt for mid-range or which is giving you most value for your budget.

The basic idea is that you should keep a budget for upgrading your archery gear. As you go better in the game you should change your products to raise the performance.

Meditate for Improving Focus

As we all know that his game revolves around focus. The focus is the one biggest part of this whole sport. Therefore, to get better in this game start working on improving your focus. And how would you do that? The answer is simple, by doing regular meditation. Yes the guided meditation is known to improve focus and increase mental abilities.

By doing 30 minutes to 1 hour meditation daily, you will improve your focus like a hero. And its quite essential in modern competitive archery as can understand. You will see a huge change in yourself. So start doing meditation form today. If you are unaware from where to start, then there are plenty of information and tutorials available online. Use Google search to find them. The solutions are not far from you.

Stop Breathing for a Moment

It’s another trick in archery sport to improve accuracy. When shooting the arrow you should hold your breath. Doing this will give you much more stability. And by having increased stability you will hit the target much better. So start practicing breath holding.

Initially it will be a bit difficult. But as you do more and more practice it will become easier. Every time you will improve some amount of time of holding breath.

Do Practice

You maybe already do this. Practicing is another crucial part of archery game. If you are still not doing this, don’t under-estimate the power of this. Daily minimum 1-2 hour of practice is necessary to maintain your performance in the teer game. In-fact the practice is the thing which will be responsible for improving your overall abilities and score. This is the basic thing which is applicable for each sport.

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