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Welcome to Internet’s best and fastest resource for Dhankesari today result of the lottery. Get all the three judgments with fastest updates. You can check at 11:55 AM (Morning), 4:00 PM (Evening) and 8:00 PM (Night) here for dhan kesari today results.

We deliver most accurate Dear Dhankesari outcomes and publish here for the people who want it fast. These results are also available in PDF and jpeg format for downloading and viewing it. The Dhankesari lottery sambad is the most trusted and government approved publication in India.

Dhankesari Today Result for – 11 AM, 4 PM and 8 PM Lottery


The Dhan kesari lottery sambad is operated under the govt rules and it is fully operated by the Dhankesari supervision. Also check the daily lottery sambad results for today on this website. The dankesary is known as the top association who is organizing these results in India.

You can view Dhankesari lottery result for today for each time slot. Just use the respective button provided below. It will take you to the results page where you can see the Dhankesari today’s outcomes. You can also download the full figure result-chart in a PDF format.

Check Results for: 04-12-2019 Tarik





Get All Dhan Kesari Today Results

If you are searching for the dhan kesari today results for 04-12-2019 date (today’s conclusion numbers) then you just found the right place. You can view the all the final judgments here for each day. We have dedicated page for each timing result. There you can check all the latest updates of dear dhankesari lottery. In most cases we are able to deliver you the fast and quick results.

Dhan Kesari Today Results

Prize Offering by Dhan kesari

It comes with 5 levels of prizes each day. The amount of these prize remains same but the outcomes changes daily. So that maximum people can take advantage of it. Don’t directly aim for the first spot. The best advice is to start with minimum expectations. Later with time and experience you can more your steps forward.

Dhankesari PrizeAmount
1st PrizeRs. 25.26 Lakhs
2nd PrizeRs. 9000
3rd PrizeRs. 500
4th PrizeRs. 250
Cons. PrizeRs. 1000

Another thing which you should keep in your mind is always begin like a learner. The learning and adapting about dhankesari conclusions is the number one factor to make right moves. And not to forget, you should be willing to explore new things. In short, you should keep your mind open and observe the patterns of dhan kesari results in India.

Importance Dhan Kesari in India

As we all know that the Dhankesari is one of the leading newspaper publication in India. This publication has among the largest subscribers for they publication. I am seeing this since my childhood. on top of that I like the name dhan. It means money and prosperity. Its not just a name, it has already given shining smiles to many families in India.

Being a local Hindi newspaper it is loved by many people like us. We get daily updates about the current affairs of our country through it. Know more about the history of newspaper publication in India and worldwide. The writing language is also much easier to understand. So everyone from a school kids to senior citizens are able to read and understand this.

The Types of Judgments in a Day

The judgments of dhan kesari comes three time everyday. We get results in morning, evening and night at the exact time of 11:55 am, 4 pm and 8 pm respectively. To check today’s final outcomes you can follow above given buttons. Now lets understand these three results and their fundamental details.

11:55 AM Result

  • This is also called dhankesari morning result or first outcome as it is released in starting of the game.
  • The timing are fixed on 11:55 AM but there maybe some delay to publish it online due to availability.
  • Since its a morning conclusion, people like to choose the first figure which comes to their mind after waking up.

4:00 PM Result

    • It’s the mid day outcome so can be called as evening result of dhankeshari lottery.
    • The time is 4:00PM is second result announcement in India.
    • Daytime worker loves the dhan kesari judgment the most.
  • This one is the highest in demand. It also much more efficient than any other timing.

8:00 PM Result

  • This one is preferred by experienced professionals. It is refereed as a night conclusions by Dear dhankesri.
  • Many people choose this because they assume the influence of the above results onto this one.
  • This concludes every other result also and finalize the judgments of dhan kesari.

Check The Old Previous Result of Dhankesari Lottery

As we all know that the future can’t be predicted by anyone. Because there are endless options that can happen in future. But sometimes the past repeats itself is also true. So to know what we should do in lottery to get best results. We have to close look for any patterns that may have occurred in past.

Knowing the old dhan keshari results is the smartest thing that one can do. There is a famous proverb:

If You Want To See The Future – Then Look At The Past

Here on this website we are maintaining a good number of dhankesari old results. You can utilize them and analyze for any signs of winning. Check the links (above) which will take you to the previous result’s page.

Final Conclusion for Dhankesari Today Result

To conclude all, you should be focusing more on the quality or your daily input then the dhan kesari lottery results would be in your favor. Here we are serving quick and accurate daily outcomes as long as thing go well. There are two version of dhankesari today result available: one is online view and another is downloading in pdf file. Choose whichever you like. We hope that today you have much more clear picture about this whole system. Further if you are having more things in your mind that want to ask you are most welcome.

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