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Want to Know Shillong teer result today for Meghalaya’s biggest archery? Then You found the best place. We update daily Meghalaya teer result here on-time. We also provide Shillong teer counter & Shillong archery’s target information for our readers.

Shillong Teer Result Today

DateF/R (3:45 PM)S/R (4:40 PM)

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These figures are daily updated and published here. You can also check the shillong teer final judgments with highest accuracy on this site.

Shillong Teer Result

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What is Shillong Teer Result?

The Shillong teer result is two-digit figure which is released daily by Meghalaya teer association. Since the archery is played in two rounds, therefore the arrow hits two times in each game. There are approx. 1/2 hours of gap in both of them. The final numerals for teer of shillong are announced at two times a everyday.

We are among the first who provides these results here on each day (except Sunday). This game has weekly off on every Sunday. We put our full dedication to present the Shillong archery results as soon as possible. And we mention 99% accuracy.

These are the final conclusion figures for the Meghalaya teer in India. These numbers are first verified and then published here for maximum reliability. But since no one can give full assurance of the target numbers. You should always cross check these with the local Shillong teer counter near you.

Shillong Teer Counter

There are many booths available in Meghalaya which provides teer of Shillong today results. You can also approach them to know latest final digits. But checking the final result online is way more convenient.

The counters in Shillong have no lack of enthusiasm. And the players are well prepared to play their turn and score better. Moreover, there are plenty of target numbers given for each player of Meghalaya archery.

The Shillong Archery’s Target Figure

Some people compare Shillong archery’s performance with many other teer games in India. But one thing you should know that all are similar games and have common traits. Hence anyone who can score in Shillong archery is also able to play anywhere in India.

But still some people believe that they are little different with each other. In short, there is no comparison in terms of performance effect. The only difference is in their time-slots. To identify the today’s Shillong teer result for today number, you can see the above given table.

Khanapara Teer Result Today Number | Assam Teer Result for Guwahati Archery

As the archery is getting popularity in India, more and more people wants to know the Khanapara teer result today number. We are the fastest provider of Assam teer result for Guwahati.

People who are curious to know results of today’s teer for their state are always keen for the final judgments (as well as previous results). We are here to deliver the latest 2020 NEWS and daily outcome for teer of Khanapara in Assam State.

Khanapara Teer Result for Today

Khanapara Teer Result for Today

Updated on: 10-08-2020

F/R (4:00PM)S/R (4:45PM)

For those who don’t know about this. It’s an bow and arrow game in which getting success is golden dreams for people living in Northeast India. In the Khanapara teer, players are always eager to improve their game to score better.

Assam / Guwahati Teer Results Today (Ghy) Number

Guwahati Teer Result

The results of Guwahati archery are given above for you. You can also see the full list of previous results here. The Guwahati teer result is the prime focus for players of Assam. People spent their precious time in these sport activities for some hope.

Assam/Guwahati Teer 10-08-2020
F/R (4:00PM)S/R (4:45PM)

Below is the teer result of Khanapara for today and whole week. You may have to wait for sometime as it take few moments to update these figures. Refresh the page for loading more latest outcomes. Additionally, we have also given last week’s Assam teer result in the table format.

It’s Another famous area for Khanapara teer result game which is highly in demand. We have a dedicated page for this result and related details.

Khanapara Teer Result of Last Week



Khanapara/Guwahati Teer Result Formula

Take yesterday’s data: for example in Ghy teer, if the 1st round result number is 72 and 2nd round result is 15.

  • Step-1: Take first digit of 1st round = 7
  • Step-2: Take last digit of 2nd round = 5
  • Step-3: Now do addition of both (7+5) = 12
  • Step-4: Do addition (1+2) = 3 <- This is first Number
  • Step-5: Take last digit from 1st round = 2
  • Step-6: Take first digit of 2nd round = 1
  • Step-7: Now do addition of both (2+1) = 3 <- This is first Number
  • Step-8: So Now 33 is the target number

Checking The Daily Assam Teer Result

The Teer of Assam is a quite big area which is further divided in many states like Guwahati and Khanapara. This game is played on daily basis in morning and evening. The final results are provided here everyday to know the Khanapara hit numbers. Here you will find the current teer news and conclusions updated at lightening speed.

Teer of Assam Counter & Target

There are several counters spread across the state. You can find many booths for easy participation in the Assam teer khela. I would advice you to always go for reputed and official teer counter of Khana-para. If someone tells you or message you that he/she is from this website or similar. Never trust such persons or messages we do not perform any activities like this.

This website only shows the Assam teer results. Further you can get more tips and guides about the archery game here. We are constantly improving this blog to provide maximum possible help to our readers.

More Archery Judgments Like Assam Teer Results That You Should Consider

We are covering the Juwai, Khanapara, Shillong Teer result two times everyday (also manipur). We not just give current updates for results but we also provide complete previous results list for respective cities.

Shillong Results – (10-08-2020)

F/R (3:45 PM)S/R (4:45 PM)
Teer of Shillong Results
Teer of Shillong Results (Today)

You are presented with latest today teer numbers which are the final results for this area. The Meghalaya state has the highest players base in India which is known as Shillong archery. Here on this site you can also check the Shillong teer result with daily updates. You should check it everyday. On top of that we are maintaining all the past records too.

Night Teer

Other than normal teer, there are two night time archery played in Shillong. That is called as Shillong night teer (both 1 and 2) for easy understanding. You can check Their result on here too.

Juwai Results – (10-08-2020)

F/R (2:15 PM)S/R (2:45 PM)

The another region in which this archery game is played is Juwai of India. More details regarding Juwai are available here: Juwai teer result. Check its latest teer news and information. Another closer area is Jowai where similar game is played daily. We also provide the Jowai teer result and Ladrymbai figures. So those who are interested can view the final conclusions here.

Manipur Result

The last but not the least state that we cover is Manipur. The archery clubs are well organized in this area and people are less in number but highly dedicated. See Manipur archery result and its related information

Khanapara Teer Previous Result List

Khanapara Teer Previous Result

So you have seen the latest Khanapara news, but what about the old ones? Well no worries at all. We are here to deliver all the previous result (full list) for this state. You can see the khanapara teer previous result list by month and year wise below. Alternatively you can use menu to locate them as well.

The role of a good player is to observe these Guwahati and Khanapara teer previous outcomes for better understanding of the teer khela. Its actually not much easier than said. Getting success in the teer khela is the prime target that anyone would like to achieve. You can find complete data of any teer result (Today’s & Previous) on this website.

The Role of Dream Number

The dreams can make you rich! Maybe you had a dream which is a signal for choosing a right Assam teer number for today.

Before doing anything, you need to know the meaning of the dream that you had yesterday. The teer dream numbers translates a specific meaning for some particular figure which you should consider. So if you are not paying attention what’s cooking in your head while you’re sleeping.


Assam Teer ResultThe Teer of Assam is a quite big area in which several states play this sport. The people are always looking for archery outcomes on daily basis in the morning and evening. The teer news and Khanapara teer result is provided here on daily basis. People are quite excited to know the final judgment figures for Guwahati.

So we have categorized the final numerals in different tables. These tables are daily processed and gets a new Khanapara result field on the top. Moreover, we have several guides on the Indian archery. We hope this will surely help you. So get today archery number for teer khanapara along with its counter and target information here.

In The end, we can say that the Shillong teer result are the most popular among all other states. We have seen the importance of Meghalaya’s teer in India and their growing craze. This game is never ending and has its own charm. The whole teer of Shillong archery is more than just a sport. It’s like expanding our tradition and culture in modern time.

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